What’s the Deal with a Postpartum Doula for Breastfeeding Support?

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What do postpartum doulas really do?

Why are they so necessary?

What about a Postpartum Doula who is also a Certified Health and Lactation Coach?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I joyfully respond with “I’m a Health & Lactation Coach and Postpartum Doula!”.

And as expected, many respond with, “oh, what is that?”, “is that like some kind of nurse?”.

Or most times, it’s “Oh cool! My [sister/friend/cousin] had a doula at her birth! But I haven’t heard of a postpartum doula”.

Is home breastfeeding support available in Singapore? Yes, you may have heard of a Lactation Consultant, but about someone who is trained in all 3 aspects of Health, Lactation and Postpartum Wellbeing?

The truth is many people aren’t aware of postpartum doula support, especially one who is also certified in health & lactation. Usually once I explain more in detail on what I do, almost all women who have kids, little or grown, go on to say, “I would have done anything to have your help when I had my kids!” Or, “Where were you when I had ___?!”

Not all, but many of these women I talk to had families and friends to help them postnatally (especially prior to COVID). So, even with a great, loving support system, why would they have made the extra effort to even do anything to get some doula support?

Here’s Why:

1. My sole agenda is to give you the care and support that YOU want and need. My job is not to give my opinions or mom-shame you because of your parenting choices. My job is to give you up-to-date, factual, evidence based information when you ask for it, and only when you ask for it.

2. I educate you and your family on your newborn and postnatal wellbeing. I can tell you what to expect week to week for the first three months for those who are breastfeeding, how to hold baby, how to feed baby, and help you troubleshoot when something isn’t going quite how it should be. I would also know when there is a simple solution to a problem and when it is time to seek a medical professional’s help.

3. I help you recover physically and emotionally after birth. Many times family and friends are focused on baby and baby’s needs but as postpartum doula, I also focus on what you, the mother, needs. Making sure you are well nourished, that you’ve had a shower recently and that your body is healing well. I would lend you a listening and compassionate ear, look out for any signs of Postpartum Mood Disorders and also remind you of what a great job you are doing.

4. I think of the little things. You wouldn’t expect clean sheets on the bed by the time you were done with your shower, would you? With a postpartum doula you can. Water and fresh, healthy snacks appearing at your side as you nurse your baby? Yep-it will be there. You would get encouragement and ample support with any breastfeeding issues. Lunch or dinner prepped and in the crockpot when you wake up from your nap? To be expected.

5. I am well-connected with the rest of the birth-professional world and have a vault of resources and referrals to trusted local professionals. I know about all the local mom/support groups.

There is so much more that a Certified Postpartum Doula with Lactation and Health Coaching skills know about and does. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of who I am.

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