Making a difference. Changing lives.

Empowerment & Support

through Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum.


Joyful Parenting is a Community Outreach Programme to guide new parents through this memorable faith journey as their family life begins.

We are here to provide emotional support and help new parents make informed choices so they can be assured a smooth journey into parenthood.

Our Vision is to be a force for positive change in birth and parenting attitudes and choices.

Our Mission is to inspire and empower families in making informed choices towards healthy and safe births and respectful child-centred parenting through the provision of evidence-based information, education and support.

Pamela Lim

About me

As a Certified Health Coach, Pamela teaches practical applications for the modern day woman, including lifestyle, education, health and nutrition in pregnancy + breastfeeding.

Working as a Postpartum Doula and Lactation Coach for over 16 years, Pamela has played a significant role in the postpartum transition. She aims to provide support while simultaneously build families with confidence in tackling the ups and downs of a new child.

Her passion to make significant improvements in maternal and infant health led her to working with pregnant and nursing moms to equip them with a healthier pregnancy, a smoother delivery and recovery and implement optimal pre and post-natal nutrition practices with the L.E.A.N. Expectations program curriculum.