Guidelines to Sleeping Safe with Infants

Pamela Lim |Safe CoSleeping|
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)  recommends baby being alone in an empty crib to reduce SIDS rates, however families are still bedsharing. Since it’s frowned upon, no one is giving families information on how to bedshare safely.
Maybe if we bring awareness to the safe ways of bedsharing with babies there will be less cases of infant sleep related deaths when bedsharing in the future.
Some families don’t want to and that’s okay (this is a family decision), but for the ones that find themselves bringing baby to their bed in the middle of the night anyways or just feel happier knowing baby is by your side at all times… here are some safe guidelines to follow to reduce the risks of bedsharing deaths.
1) Non Smoking Parents
2) Sober Parents (alcohol and drug free)
3) Breastfeeding Day and Night
4) Safe Sleep Surface – no super soft mattress (mattress on the floor is perfect or even Arms Reach CoSleeper against your bed keeps baby safe from falling, no pillows, toys, or heavy covers, make sure there are no cords or strings around. No pets in the bed and other children shouldn’t be sleeping next to baby
5) Healthy Full Term Baby
6) Baby On Back
7) Baby Not Swaddled
Dr James Mckenna goes into detail about the physiological factors of infant sleep and how “breastsleeping” can actually reduce the risk of SIDS.
Here are a few websites you can explore: