Pregnancy Health Coaching

Everything you need to made about natural pregnancy made simple! Feel confident that you’re properly nourishing you and your baby. Prevention starts in utero. You want to make sure you’re eating well because good nutrition during pregnancy is the foundation of your baby’s health. And your key to having a healthy, natural pregnancy, feeling good and having more energy. […]

The Gentle Birth Workshop

The 4-hour workshop is an intensive and insightful exploration into the processes of labour, birth, child-led parenting, the biology of babies, breastfeeding, natural child spacing. The areas covered are as follows:   Labour & Birth The topic gives an in-depth look at the physiology of labour and birth. It begins by debunking the understanding that God […]

Hey! Did you know?

Pamela Lim |Lactation Health|   If you have a peanut allergy, you should take extra precaution when taking Fenugreek, a common herb found in most lactation teas and supplements, due to cross reactivity! While lactation tea and supplements might be helpful in milk production, you should always consult with your doctor first, as with any […]

Guidelines to Sleeping Safe with Infants

Pamela Lim |Safe CoSleeping| American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)  recommends baby being alone in an empty crib to reduce SIDS rates, however families are still bedsharing. Since it’s frowned upon, no one is giving families information on how to bedshare safely. Maybe if we bring awareness to the safe ways of bedsharing with babies there […]

What’s the Deal with a Postpartum Doula for Breastfeeding Support?

Pamela Lim |Postpartum Doula| Breastfeeding Support | What do postpartum doulas really do? Why are they so necessary? What about a Postpartum Doula who is also a Certified Health and Lactation Coach? When people ask me what I do for a living, I joyfully respond with “I’m a Health & Lactation Coach and Postpartum Doula!”. […]

Prenatal Health 101 Workshop

Pamela Lim |Prenatal Nutrition 101 Class | Feel confident that you’re properly nourishing you and your baby. Prevention starts in utero. The Benefits of Good Nutrition During Pregnancy Last Forever Did you know that food by nature as a signaling substance? What does that mean? The nutrients and phytochemical from the food we eat literally sends […]